It is probably the best system for betting on two dozens and two columns and win consistently.
Doubling that to 80 I still bet with 50p but now had 2 " banks ".Increased to 120 and was doing well within an 8 bet bank and decided 8 x bet as realistic and increased bet to 4x1 and then got a fright when I was down to my last bet at a table, recovered, but decided.In reality we have given the losing line 5 units.I will first show how to ignore it That is; I dont make any notes of it so that the losing Labouchere will be balanced in the background, for the losses.What about THE reversed labouchere?Quot; from: kav on March 27, 2016, 08:13:53.Wait until 2 outcomes in last 3 spins 12 32 3/2 13 23 2/2 14 9 1/ /14 14 2/2 Col A) X 5 X 8 X 14 X-out 3 11 B) X 5 X 8 X 16 21 6/6 23 19/13 12 1/3 Doz.I still bet this but I think that betting Hit and Run has been a help.
One of the many criteria that define the player profile, except bankroll, risk tolerance etc.
IN THE first part mozzart kino loto grecia I showed you how to ignore the extra part of the winning.
He had tremendous determination.
I wanted to show you, that it is quite safe and profitable to use two progression systems at the same time, for 2-Columns or 2-Dozens betting.
I use the, negative progression the Up-As-You-Lose type.
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This happened again and again.It is as easy to use it with a positive progression as with a negative.But now we also cross out figures in the B)-line (the losing line) to the value of 5 (the crossed out value of the winning line).Use/move this bar to see the table better.The winning strategy will have an extra winning that you can use, in one way or another.(For the columns, the result was worse: -20 units).Are also physical/mental requirements.