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Rendell Rendell, Ed(ward Gene) (b.
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He later dreamed of baccarat attack strategies some new sovereignty, especially in 1830, when Charles X of France was overthrown, but Austrian statesman Metternich's hint that he might be made king of Italy was uttered only to deter the France of Louis-Philippe from Italian enterprises.21, 1921, occupying Tehran at the head of 1,200 men.Becoming a Communist, he served as commissar of the Volga German autonomous workers' commune in 1918.July 17, 1905 -.5, 1948, and he was elected lord mayor; he was reelected (as governing mayor) in January 1951.
Ripon, Frederick John Robinson, (1st) Earl of, (1st) Viscount Goderich (of Nocton) (b.
March 29, 1963, Stockholm, Sweden chairman of the Constituent Assembly (1919-20 state elder (1928-29 foreign minister (1932-33 and prime minister acting as president (in exile, 1945-63) of Estonia.
Rey, Victor (François Ferdinand acting governor of the French Settlements in Oceania (1901) and governor of French Guiana (1905-06).
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April 30, 1893, Wesel, Germany -.Protesters had vandalized businesses in downtown Kent and the campus rotc building was burned.28, 1789, The Hague, Netherlands -.3, 1958, election in the midst of a full-blown insurrectionary movement led by Fidel Castro.For a time there was a movement in favour of proclaiming a republic, but this idea met with much opposition.He has also been ambassador to Portugal (2006- ).1986 minister of state of Monaco (1963-66).governor of North Carolina (1851-54).In 1937 he began a long career as a motion-picture actor; in 1947-60, he served as president of the Screen Actors Guild, cooperating with efforts to combat alleged Communist influences in the motion-picture industry.She was beaten, 53-46.He unsuccessfully ran for the Nagaland assembly in 1987 but was elected in the 1989 elections on the Indian National Congress (I) ticket.

April 1927, Dhankuta, Nepal -.
He was also minister of colonies (1911-12) and navy (1913-14).
Jimmy Carter and carrying 44 of the 50 states, overwhelming Carter 489 to 49 in electoral votes.