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Let's have a look at how our hand looks like against several potential SB calling ranges If SB calls with 8 we can push any-two profitable.It should look like this: We can see the short version of everything that we have selected in the previous step displayed on the tournament selector button.Poker Hand Histories, hand HQ is the latest upgraded and perfected hand history tool to dispense better capacity, precision and efficiency in its functions and operations in monitoring, recording and converting several hand movements, developments, accomplishments and undertakings that is happening within online poker rooms.With this tool everything is possible.If we change the situation and make as if SB has pushed the same 35 range we can see that in this case our calling range is the same as in the situation where he was calling our push with the entire range.We can see that we can call with 55,A7s,A8o,KTs, KQo range.We can see that the push is the most profitable if opponent is tight.And, everything is presented in a faultless, flawless and professional fashion.
Top 5 Most Controversial Poker Hands.
Nash equilibrium ranges are the science part.
To check that click the Charts button and click on the calling range.Monitoring Poker Players, with Hand HQ it comes to my realization that it does not just store hand histories to your file, it can transmit and relocate them into a Poker Tracker; the software package also stores lead trails of all in forcing and active.Get and review the results.We can see that if BB is pushing wider than around 29 of hands we can call him profitably.However, sometimes things don't go to plan and voices are.The tournament selector pop up will appear.As we can see there is no range that has a negative EV for pushing A7o, so in this spot our reshove is always profitable.Pick up your online poker variant, Texas hold'em on real money poker sites, import all your hand histories or choose only a single one and review your Sit Go, Heads Up or MTT.Press the Charts button.We hold A7o on the BB and the SB minraises.Contents, the 3 steps of the hand history review process in icmizer.Hand HQ Customers Say: pokerstars canada paypal If you need online poker hand histories use Hand.We need to fold only when our opponent is pushing as tight as 13 of the best hands.With the hand history converter, anybody can view the completely great archive of hands that have been converted and collected, combined, joint, and shared.

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Today, more online poker players have now realized the importance of hand histories.
A hand history converter backs up and assists virtually all online poker rooms and networks where anybody can play poker online.