poke with a stick meaning

seems to have stuck.
Poke sth (extend) ( le doigt ) pointer ( la tête ) passer Beryl poked her finger towards the man: "That's him she said.
( extend, protrude ) the nail was sticking through the plank el clavo sobresalía del tablón.Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper Idioms and Phrases with stick stick In addition to the idioms beginning with stick stick around stick at stick by stick in one's craw stick it stick it to someone stick one's neck out stick out stick to stick.Vi adv ( protrude ) rimanere diritto /a to stick up out of the water uscire dall'acqua stick up for vi adv prep difendere to stick up for sb/sth ( fam ) battersi per qn/qc stick with vi prep ( carry on with ) attenersi.A branch or twig from a tree.Mets ça dans ta poche avant que quelqu'un ne le voie.2018 Related Words for stick wedge, bat, cane, bar, wand, club, rod, baton, stalk, strip, slab, glue, linger, fix, stay, attach, remain, catch, hold, paste Examples from the Web for stick Contemporary Examples of stick After some animated debate at the conference, Lelaie declared, with.A stoppage or standstill.To (cause to) project; His front teeth stick out ; teoria do poker epub He stuck out his tongue.
He licked the flap of the envelope and stuck it down; These labels don't stick very well; He stuck (the broken pieces of) the vase together again; His brothers used to call him Bonzo and the name has stuck.
Henry a poké Gary sur Facebook.
An unenthusiastic or uninteresting person.
Poke sb (on Facebook: attract sb's attention) eS ) darle un toque a dar free texas holdem online poker practice un golpecito a dar un golpecito con el dedo.
Unalome also appear on Buddha statues, mainly in Myanmar. .
An implement used to drive or propel a ball or puck, as a crosse or a hockey stick.Il a délogé les fourmis avec un bâton.Poke sth (make hole) agujerear Jim poked a hole in his jumper.They've stuck together all these years.Sobresalir affiche loterie nationale resultats tirage tranche 1939 La nieve era espesa, pero uno o dos brotes verdes sobresalían.Slang stick around "remain" is from 1912; stick it as a rude bit of advice is first recorded 1922.Poke check (ice hockey) harponnage poke fun at sb informal (mock) se moquer de qqn v pron prép taquiner poke fun at sb informal (mock sb) se moquer de qqn v pron prép taquiner poke sth out (remove by prodding) faire sortir, déloger Be careful.She always walks with a stick nowadays; a walking-stick / hockey-stick; a drumstick.( be embedded ) he had a knife sticking into his back tenía una navaja clavada en la espalda.