To defeat by a vide grenier loto 31 small margin.
A greeting or parting salutation, used on the underground rave scene.
Derived from the.e.Of or relating to a gypsy or vagrant.'dizzy queen 'scat queen 'curry queen' etc.Poo (!) * Noun.Also in 'play the pink oboe'.A spot, boil, 'zit'.Madly in love with, or mad about, something or someone.An idiot, a fool.Obscene, in relation to language and speech.
E.g."I haven't got time for him, he's a prize idiot." pro Noun.
E.g."His new car has plenty of poke." polack * Noun.
South use powder one's nose Vrb phrs.
Point Percy (at the porcelain) Vrb phrs.Visit our plague doctor masks shop.A style of dancing born of British punk rock in 1976/77, involves keeping a stiff body and legs whilst jumping vertically up and down.E.g."This weed is peng!".Usually said of a machine, however may on occasion be applied to ones bodyparts, such as, "my back's packed." Informal.The staff, which we are most familiar with, has a "crook" or "hook" on the end which was used to stop running sheep, help pull casino jeux machine a sous 91 sheep up from rocky places when they'd fallen over, and.

A sizeable amount of money.