The spring has been able to work through the sand and silt deposited during flood events after rain storms, keeping it from being buried. .
(Source: Mission Indian Commission document, 1891) note: assuming that the bathhouse was built the same year as the first lease was signed, this agrees with 1888 as first bathhouse year.
The Spa opened January 21, 1960. .They proposed to buy materials with money laid aside from bathhouse fees, and from what the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company had paid for a jeux casino sans depot site right-of-way across the reservation.Previously the bathhouse in wet weather première loterie européenne was standing in a pool of mud and in dry weather it was the middle of a sand storm.Their patience was eventually rewarded; by the 1930s control of the bathhouse was back in Cahuilla hands.Murrays hotel, and a rustic building over the hot springs where her guests, mostly tubercular, could bathe. . The final stagea private soak in our mineral springswill send you drifting into serenity.The spring area was modified in the late 1950s with the widening of Indian Canyon Drive. .
The spring is still active. .
The spring was capped so as to redirect the hot spring waters from under Indian Avenue to the new Spa facility.
The bathhouse, whatever its condition, was offensive to some members of the Palm Springs community, but it was used enough to be a source of considerable income to the Tribe.
The original cost of a bath was.00; a massage was.00.
On the day I was there, however, three of the four pools did not look good - the water was cloudy and had random debris.The Spa at Spa Resort Casino still has a deep connection to the past with a full-service salon and spa that is a sanctuary for the mind, body and soul. .(Source: Desert Sun article).The place was crowded with men of all different ages and body types.Detailed testing of the isotopic composition of the water indicates the water coming out of the ground today infiltrated into the ground about 11,000 years ago at an elevation of about 7,300 feet. .It was a bit pricey - 20 for entry with towel and locker.In 1993, after creating an 11-member development authority and obtaining a loan from the Bureau of Indian affairs, the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians purchased the hotel for 9 million. .He recommended the appointment of an honest white man, who could keep accurate records, and the installation of a cash register.

The water also has a slightly elevated silica and fluoride content (a few parts per million above the preferred target concentrations for drinking water) but much less than most hot springs would be expected to have.
Bathhouse #1 Repaired: 1906 (assumed but at mid-decade there was a dispute over whether the bathhouse income should be divided among them or used for repair of the facility.
In 1959, a tenacious, all-woman Tribal Council successfully lobbied Congress to allow the Tribe and its members to grant long-term leases, up to 99 years.