european slot coordination

221-13 to 15) to the French Civil Aviation Code setting up two implementation cases; the main one concerns all French airports which are usually schedules facilitated or coordinated while the derogation one deals with those airports that are schedule facilitated or coordinated on «exceptional circumstances».
The Ministerial Order of September 28, 2004 sets the coordination committee composition, tasks and running rules.
EAccording to article 4 of the Decree of January 22, 2017, that establishes the procedure to settle and publish the slot coordination and schedules facilitation service fee, Aéroports de Paris publishes the decision of January 15th, regarding the homologation of the slot coordination and schedules.Requests have to be sent for any type of flight, with the exception of emergency landings and search and rescue flights.According to a decision dated January 15, 2018, the following tariffs relating to the charge for the slot coordination or schedules facilitation services rendered on French airports, as proposed by cohor association, are approved:.Fees in force from April 1st, 2018, and apply to Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports.In the main case: the airport managing body and the air carrier operating at that airport equally share the cost recovery through the payment of the same slot service fee per landing; the air carriers share is collected by the airport managing body on behalf.
Therefore in «exceptional circumstances» as described in article 3(6) of the Council regulation (EEC) n95/93: the global cost to be covered for the associated slot coordination or schedules facilitation services is determined by the minister in charge of civil aviation on the basis.
Sanctions take the form of administrative penalties, their amount can rise up to 40,000 per infringement.
6361-1 to 15 of the French transports code and the applicable environmental regulation.
221-14 of the civil aviation code, designated as coordinated or schedules facilitated airports under exceptional circumstances: 2,10 per landing for the operating air carrier.
Terminal capacity, passenger flow (per 60 minutes arrivals/Departures.Gate capacity, terminal 1 6 bus gates, terminal 2 7 air bridges and 4 bus gates.In order to avoid such sanctions, air carriers are invited to ensure that their slot request has been properly sent and received for each flight departing from or arriving at a French coordinated airport -even for last minute launched flights.Slot coordination parameters AT Sofia Airport.These are metrics defining the airport capacity limits through maximum numbers of slots that may be allocated.Interested parties (air carriers using the plateform, managing bodies of the concerned airports, concerned Air Navigation Service Providers (ansp) take part in a coordination committee mainly tasked «to make proposals or advise the coordinator and/or the Member State» on how to improve capacity at concerned.They shall remain in force until new tariffs are enforceable.Number of infringements, type of infringement, amount of the administrative fine.For French coordinated or schedules facilitated airports respectively listed in appendices I et II of French ministerial order of February 22, 2017 designating cohor as the coordinator or schedules facilitator on French airports: 2,10 per landing for the operating air carrier; 2,10 per landing for.The amount of the corresponding administrative penalties can rise up to 7,500 per infringement and 15,000 in the case of repeat offences.Date of the decision, iATA scheduling season, air carrier.All general aviation/air taxi slots are set for Terminal.

Terminal 1 - 600 PAX/600 PAX, terminal 2 - 750 PAX/800 PAX, total 1350 PAX/1400 PAX.
Slot coordination and schedules facilitation service fee for airports, collected on behalf of cohor Airport Coordination, France.