The software I am using (Lap Timer 2000 or Slotman) does support various input hardware.
So after a while getting this code nearly right, I was able to throw a post-it note through each lane geant casino catalogue jouet en ligne to pretend that a car was passing over the lane.
Incidentally, diagram P shows one lane, everything except the power supply is needed on each lane (the power supply is common to all the lanes).
I was surprised how soft the track was to cut, so I could do it easily with a simple craft knife.Now I cut a 3cm strip of 4mm copper tape in half.These systems can work well.At this point, I had little sketches to exercise all the small pieces of the solution.I could just about get a row of LED digits within the channel inside the shielding.The first version will only work reliably with a very long deadstrip or very slow cars., i am going to built a routed 4 lane slotcar track.Please feel free to help me if you know how to use these to trigger gampad electronics are rudimentary but I am eager to learn. Wonder what well need for the next event!Connect one counter wires to each side.Both halves should be very near to each other but should not touch.
As we can assume nearly all slot racers have the intellectual capacity to count up to 35 (or whatever) this should be an accurate system.
It is not uncommon for superseded computers to be scrapped, so if you are in the right place at the right time, the previous owners may be happy to give them away rather than put them a skip.
If you can find some for few pounds - great!
It took nearly 2 hours to cut all the wire and weave it together.
Mode button switches to state.
Who knows, perhaps a little more understanding of how they work may help a club to get several more years service out of their old counter system and save some money desperately needed to pay the rent!Desktop computers dont travel well, so its not really practical to take it home each week.Do you need a dead section, split tape or optical detector for a computerized system?You could even usw Aluminium foil, it will stick to the tape just like the copper tape) wire double sided tape, i also experimented with stripboard.Heres how it turned out : Read more after the break, why?I held it to the beltgrinder and ended up with.5mm stripboard but I had had no time to try.A computer race control system will do all these jobs as well as count laps.Eventually we got it sorted.Step 3 : LED segments showing the timers.Anyway, it seemed to work.