24 in the Northern region) and only national estimates for the shares of different outlet types for broad categories of consumption (e.g.
How We Got Here: The '70s.
"The early history of price index research".
Survey respondents keeping a diary of their purchases need to record only the total of purchases when itemised receipts were given to them and keep these receipts in a special pocket in the diary.The classification is according to use, developed in a national accounting context.There are only two general principles for the estimation of weights: use all the available information and accept that rough estimates are better than no estimates.Various s have been considered, each with their advantages and disadvantages.The other argument is that the prices of new dwellings should exclude that part reflecting the value of the land, since this is an irreproducible and permanent asset that cannot be said to be consumed.CPI Regional Data The Bureau of Labor Statistics also breaks down the CPI based on regions.The BLS does track a consumer price index for the elderly (CPI-E).At the opposite extreme, with no regional data on expenditure totals but only on population (e.g.
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In most countries, the CPI, along with the population census, is one of the most closely watched national economic statistics.
The Social Security trust fund is flush for at least two decades.
It is the most widely used measure of inflation and, by proxy, of the effectiveness of the governments economic policy.
Furthermore, expenditure on enlarging or reconstructing an owner-occupied dwelling would be covered, in addition to regular gloria molina poker maintenance and repair.Along with the regional information provided each month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics also publishes reports for 11 additional metro areas every other month and an additional 13 metro areas semi-annually.The result is that it is difficult to use data sources relating to total consumption by all population groups.The base year is determined by the BLS.Population and is the better representation of the general public.70 of food sold in supermarkets) the weight for sliced bread sold in supermarkets in the Northern region has to be estimated as the share of sliced bread in total consumption.24.7.Most elementary aggregate indices are necessarily 'unweighted' averages for the sample of products within the sampled outlets.Example: The prices of 85,000 items from 22,000 stores, and 35,000 rental units are added together and averaged.Infrequent reweighing saves costs for the national statistical office but delays the introduction into the index of new types of expenditure.3 This allows the BLS to compute consumer price indices for each of the designated 38 geographical areas and for aggregates like the Midwest.

Each month, the report is broken out into the four major Census regions: Northeast, Midwest, South and West.
Retrieved April 11, 2013 "Cost-Of-Living Adjustment (cola) Information For 2013".
These receipts provide not only a detailed breakdown of purchases but also the name of the outlet.