We entered the casino at approximately 22: 30 on the Wednesday of July 11, 2012.
I saw players wearing sunglasses, white suites and Punk haircuts next to the poker tables and I am sure they were all gladly admitted to the casino.
But at the same time, we should all know that even the most experienced dealers make mistakes.However, the 10 roulette tables in operation on the first floor were also pretty much under siege.My friend bought us a couple of beers and we retreated to the glass-enclosed smoking lounge.The dealer mistakenly handed over the pot to one of the players, while it was the guy sitting next to me who had the winning hand.For more information on this casino, please click here.I showed my cards, two queens.Once more, things didnt go so well for me, two queens were not enough.There are three different table games playable: French Roulette, Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold'em and Texas Hold'em poker.Nearby casinos: Casino Potsdam (Spielbank) (15mi.Petersbogen Casino Leipzig (Spielbank) (91mi.Merkur Spielbank Halle (92mi.
Dress Code Casino Berlin, the casinos website asks for an elegant appearance.
Table Games Casino Berlin Potsdamerplatz, my buddy is a self-proclaimed blackjack expert, so we skipped the poker tables, and went directly to the first floor, where the classic table games are located.
But as the dealer shoved the small mountain chips towards me across the table, a feeling of great happiness came over.
One of the other players raised his bet (he figured, rightfully so, that I am a beginner and am bluffing.This ended up being one of the best nights of my trip to all European casinos, despite the fact that I lost a lot of chips learning how to play poker that night.The roulette tables were operating with casino saint martin en haut a minimum of 2/5 Euros.Most players had on a buttoned down dress shirt, either with jeans or groupe casino franchise dress pants and I have not seen any sneakers in the table games or poker areas.The table games level at the casino Berlin Potsdamerplatz is very large.Its population is more than 3,4 million inhabitants.Casino Esplanade, Casino Berlin has an international air to it, partly due to the fact that you can see players in just about every skin tone around the tables.My friend wanted to stay a bit longer.He doesnt have a cell phone!The answer was unfortunately.Still, it was my cue to go home.But surely you can see that this time I couldnt I just had to catch a ride in Berlins oldest taxi.Active day and night (its nightlife is one of the worlds most busiest Berlin attracts 8 million tourists each year.

The three-storied building of the Casino of Berlin is home to 250 slot machines and electronic roule.
Presentation of the Casino Berlin Potsdamer Platz (Spielbank).
Credit card Casino Berlin Potsdamerplatz.